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Local Feature: Heavenly Treats

December 2, 2015

Local Feature: Heavenly Treats

Heavenly Treats has been making local treats for every sweet tooth in the area ever since 2008 when it became a company. Heavenly Treats houses the freshest ingredients that are perfectly sweet and create the best treats. Plus guess what?… Those treats can be purchased for delivery to your home at!

Local Feature: Heavenly TreatsHeavenly Treats new shop is located in downtown St. Cloud, MN on St. Germain Street and all of their goodies are made by hand, which is a wonderful feature for the St. Cloud Area.

Some of their Heavenly Products include Toffees, Cookies and Caramels and each goodie is crafted to perfection.  Addition, Heavenly Treats features blueberry muffins, fruit pizza and tons of other items that are readily available!

Heavenly Treats is famous for their Toffee, which features a secret custom recipe. This recipe has been tried and Heavenly Treatstrue by lots of taste buds to make a perfect dessert that no one will want to share. (But that’s okay; you can order up to 2 ½ Pounds online at CobornsDelivers!)

There are four varieties of Cookies that Heavenly Treats makes; sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, orange blossom cookies and of course toffee cookies. Toffee cookies from Heavenly Treats are incredible because they combine leftover toffee pieces from the homemade Toffee Treats with tons of real Milk Chocolate. Eating just one is impossible, but no worries you can buy them by the dozen!

The Caramels are simply delightful. These creamy creations are made of real ingredients, so you can rest assured that these slices of heaven are as pure as can be. The products can be purchased in a gift-wrapped box, which saves you time wrapping this holiday season. Simply add a bow to the top and you can cross someone off your shopping list! (Or more than one person because we promise everyone will love these products.)

Heavenly TreatsIt’s incredible to learn about all of the local companies and the products that they produce, especially when they make such yummy sweets. Be sure to try Heavenly Treats Toffee, Cookies or Caramels this holiday season. Their wide variety of products make perfect gifts for coworkers, your special someone or even as a holiday treat for yourself! And the best part is, these products can be purchased at and when you buy you are supporting a local business! This saves you time driving to the on sight location and makes sure your products are carefully delivered to your door.

Check out Heavenly Treats on Facebook; send questions to or at 320-492-6841 and be sure to check out all of the delicious Heavenly Treats products that CobornsDelivers has to offer!