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Thousand Hills Cattle Company Feature

November 3, 2015

Thousand Hills Cattle Company

Here we are, summer is officially over and we are in the beautiful fall season. Everyone is trying to make the most of this unseasonably warm weather before it’s time for the snow to fly once again! A big part of fall is tailgating for football games, and with that comes backyard grilling with your family and friends. More and more people are starting to think about where their meat is coming from and the impact it can have on their health. That is one of the many reasons we are so proud to offer our customers 100% Grass Fed Beef from Thousand Hills Cattle Company.

CobornsDelivers has a passion for supporting local companies in the area. It is all about the relationships. It is about what our important food dollars support and where that dollar ends up. One of the Thousand Hills farmers, Matt Maier, raises his cattle outside of Clearwater. Now that’s what I call local! Have a question on how the cattle are raised? CobornsDelivers can get the answers from Matt! Now that can’t be said for just any food product.Local Cattle Company

I know you all want more of a reason to buy this meat than just the local appeal, don’t you? Check out the Thousand Hills website for all the research into the health benefits of 100% Grass Fed Beef (insert link). This isn’t just my opinion; there’s a lot of science behind increasing your consumption of Omega-3, which you will find in this beef, as well as in yogurt and milk, all of which you can find in our stores.

When you add in all the benefits to the cows, you have to be sold. I am certain that when cows get to live freely on grass pastures, and not in feedlots, they are happier and less stressed. They are ruminants and were meant to eat grass, not corn.

Of course, it has to taste good, too. And Thousand Hills beef tastes amazing. You will find it popping up in more and more top-notch restaurants around the state because of the high quality of the product. You can have that restaurant quality right in your own kitchen, with no tipping included!

“The one thing you should be willing to pay more for is what your put in your body.” We really believe that. We all have budgetary considerations, but what can be more important than what we eat and feed our families? It is important to CobornsDelivers to know how it is raised and processed and how it impacts the environment and our health.

Oh, yeah….and it’s local! Did we mention how important that is to CobornsDelivers?