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Candy Corn Chips

October 28, 2015

Candy Corn Chips

I just never get sick of Halloween treats and goodies. It is by far my favorite holiday to decorate and host get-togethers and parties for, and this year it’s on a Saturday! Perfect for a person like me that loves this spooky season.

Are you looking for that perfect salty and sweet combination? We have the Blog for you! And last minute party planners- you’ll love this post as well because it’s truly so simple to make if you’re on a time crunch.

Just select your amount and desired size of chips and set them aside for the Almond Bark. I used plain Ripple Potato Chips because they were on sale, but feel free to try whatever kind you would like that you think would mix well with a vanilla flavor.

Candy Corn Chips In 3 Easy Steps.

  1. First, melt Vanilla Almond Bark in the microwave in a microwavable safe bowl, being extra careful not to burn the mixture (or yourself! – It’s hot!)
  2. Next, carefully roll your Chips in the Almond Bark so they are completely covered.
  3. Finally, carefully dust on the sprinkles to resemble a piece of Candy Corn.

Let your Chips dry and you can serve them in a cute Halloween bowl or dish for your Halloween party!Candy Corn Pretzels

These Chips would be cute for any season if you get a little creative with your sprinkle colors. (Think red and green for Christmas, pastel colors for Easter, or red, white, and blue for the 4th of July!) I also used some of the leftover Almond Bark to make a few Candy Corn Pretzel Snacks! They turned out just as cute and are great for following along with the Halloween theme.

I hope you enjoyed this festive Blog and the salty/sweet combination!