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Halloween Heath Bark

October 21, 2015

Halloween Heath Bark

Halloween is almost here, and it’s the best time of the year! Whether your hosting or attending a Halloween party, we want you to be prepared with some spooky sweet treats.

This Halloween Heath Bark recipe is delicious, colorful and a crowd pleaser! To start, melt some Almond Bark in the microwave and pour a layer out onto a cookie sheet that is covered in wax paper. Next, decorate your dessert with some delicious homemade frosting. I make mine with Heavy Whipping Cream and Powdered Sugar and some food coloring. You simply mix the Whipping Cream and Powdered Sugar to your desired consistency and add in your food coloring to create spooky Halloween hues.

Finally, I fill a plastic bag up with the frosting, Ziploc it shut and snip a small hole in the corner of the bag. Layer your frosting in whatever design you like and add Heath bits, Pretzels or any other treat you think would make a good topping!

Place the Almond Bark creation to the fridge until it hardens and the frosting is firm. Cut the Bark into servable sections and prepare to share it with your guests!

Happy Halloween Bloggers! Wishing you many treats and few tricks from all of us at CobornsDelivers!