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No-Bake Halloween Cookies

October 14, 2015

No Bake Halloween Cookies

Say goodbye to picnics, lake days and grill outs. The change of seasons brings a whole new wave of holidays and party planning ideas. One of the most fun holidays to plan for is Halloween. The spooky food and decorations are always so fun, and they really stretch your creativity.

These simple no-bake spooky cookies were all too easy to make, but that doesn’t make them any less adorable. The first creepy cookie was a Spooky Spider Cookie. Like the rest of the cookies in this blog, they feature irresistible Oreos, some homemade frosting and a little creativity.

Oreo Spider Cookie

To begin with your creation of the spider, you simply twist the cookies into the halves to separate it, and add your eight 2 inch legs to the “body.” I chose to use frosting for the eyes, but you could try M&M’s or different candy combinations to make different variations of creepy crawlers. I made the frosting by combining heavy whipping cream and powdered sugar until I reached a desired consistency. I also used the Red Pull ‘n’ Peel Twizzlers to make my Spooky Spiders even more creepy, but if you want to make a more realistic creature feel free to try black licorice vines as well!

Oreo Pumpkin Spice Cookie

To make the Spooky Pumpkin Cookies you will need the limited edition seasonal Pumpkin Spice Oreos. Let me tell you.. They. Are. Delicious. I just might start a petition to the Oreo Company to have this flavor available all year long. To start, I laid the cookies out on wax paper, coated the cookie with a layer of homemade orange frosting, then added a green leaf from homemade green frosting and a piece of a pretzel stick for the steam. I created the bright colors by adding lots of red and yellow to make a rich orange color. The green for the leaves works best when you add in some yellow to make it a brighter leaf-like color.

Oreo Monster Cookie

These Oreo Monster Cookies were probably the easiest cookie creation to make, and they were arguably the cutest. To make them you simply mix up a frosting recipe with the same powdered sugar and heavy whipping cream combination. Next, I twisted apart Oreo Minis. I used the side with the frosting as the eyeball and added brown Reese’s Pieces to act as the pupil of the eye. The frosting I previously made acted like glue as I stuck the Oreo Minis eyeballs to the Monster Cookie.


I hope you enjoy these 3 No-Bake Halloween Cookie Creations. Wishing you lots of treats and few tricks this Halloween season!