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Stocking the Office Break Room

September 24, 2014

Improving the Office Atmosphere with Food

OfficeSupplies_BreakRoomThe average person spends a lot of time working. And by a lot of time, we mean roughly 90,000 hours of their lifetime. Although this may not be a person’s favorite way to spend 43 years worth of weekly hours, office life can improve and workdays can become better with a few simple work place additions.

Having a break room with key essentials is an important part in every office. A refrigerator, a microwave, possibly a sink, and of course a coffee maker are primary break room appliances, and always having utensils, napkins, paper plates and cups available are must-have items as well. But to really enhance the break room and improve office morale, adding a couple extra items can do wonders.

Provide a water dispenser, preferably with both hot and cold options.

Because the human brain is made up of 95 percent water, even slight dehydration can show negative, work-related side effects. Fuzzy or short-term memory, troubles with basic math, and difficulty focusing on small print (like the print on a computer screen), are all symptoms of dehydration.

Offer some water-enhancing flavors to increase intake and decrease dehydration:

Coffee Options

Whether you have a single-cup coffee maker, such as a Keurig, or a standard coffee maker in your break room, make sure your coffee area and maker are stocked and ready at all times.

In a study by the Centre for Occupational and Health Psychology, research found that higher caffeine consumption was associated with less frequent cognitive failures and less work-related accidents. We’re not saying to push caffeine on workers, but if someone is craving coffee, workers will be happier if they have what they need.


Nothing is worse than bringing a delicious salad for lunch, and realizing that you forgot the dressing. Stock your break room with a selection of basic condiments and spices to help employees enjoy their lunch a little more. If certain condiments aren’t used very often, offer packets instead!

Healthy Snacks

Short breaks in the workday are good. They allow the brain to relax and focus on other functions to work efficiently. But instead of breaks to the junk-food vending machines, provide employees with snacks that will boost their health and energy. Offering healthy snacks all day long will not only encourage workers to take short breaks, but will also provide healthy nutrients to feed their brains.

Of course not every company break room can be a luxurious getaway destination, or a full fledge farmers market, but little additions can help. For future orders, pay attention to what products are being used most, and remember communication between employers and employees is key to boosting office happiness!

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