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How We Pick Your Produce

August 23, 2014

Inside CobornsDelivers: We’re Picky with Your Produce

When thinking about grocery delivery in Minnesota, one big question is: What about the produce? Most of us are used to thoroughly produceinspecting and picking out that “just right” container of berries or thumping a few watermelons for the best sound.

“People are concerned that if they can’t select their own items, they won’t meet their standard of quality,” Shari Haugan, customer relations manager said. “That’s why it’s so important for us to get it right.”

There are a number of ways that CobornsDelivers goes above and beyond to deliver the best produce possible. The produce manager does a daily inspection and tasting of a variety of fruits and vegetables. The inspection includes examining their outer appearances and tasting them for sweetness and texture. Anything that doesn’t make the cut is sent to local farms for animals.

CobornsDelivers also partners with a vendor to acquire produce from local farmers based on the quality of what’s being grown during the current season. The locally grown selection may change week-to-week and day-to-day. Current local produce includes cabbage, green beans, potatoes and radishes. CobornsDelivers works directly with Sever’s for locally grown corn on the cob and Pepin Heights for locally grown apples as well. Those are just a few of the ways that Coborn’s works to get the best produce around.

 Did You Know?

  • Daily produce shipments arrive every morning, so the produce moves quickly from farms to customer’s homes.
  • While it’s at Coborns’ warehouse, the produce is divided into different climate control areas to ensure that the produce is kept at its ideal temperature.
  • There’s minimum handling of produce—it goes from the vendor to staff shoppers, who wear gloves when handling produce to fill orders, to homes. Compare that to a grocery store. How many people have picked up and put down an apple, or even dropped it on the floor, before its purchase?

“Our customers expect the produce to be excellent,” Haugan said. There are some comments Haugan hears from her customers that stick out to her. They love that “CobornsDelivers provides better produce than the customers would have picked out themselves in the store. Plus, we have a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, if a customer doesn’t get a quality produce item we will make it right with a replacement or a refund.”

CobornsDelivers has a number of strategies to reassure people who want to change to grocery delivery in Minnesota that the produce will be top quality. There’s no need to smell melons or look over grapes—the produce examination has already been done for you.

Shop smarter with CobornsDelivers. We’re not your typical grocery store. We’re better. Shop from organized shopping lists, choose produce based on expert ratings, support local growers and suppliers, get recipe ideas, buy meals in 1-Click, and more.