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Beer and Grill Pairings

July 4, 2014

Perfect Pairing—Grilling and BeerBeer

On a warm summer’s night, whether you’ve just gotten home from work, off the lake, in from the golf course or done mowing the lawn, there’s nothing better than cracking open a cold one and firing up the grill. Grilling keeps the house cool when getting dinner ready. Plus it gives you an “Ahhh, summer,” vibe that you appreciate after a brutal winter like the one we endured.

Along with burgers and beans, corn on the cob and butter, chips and salsa—grilling and beer are a natural pairing. And even better yet, you can include your grilling ingredients and your beer in your Minnesota groceries order so they’re delivered right to your door. Just make sure that an adult over the age of 21 with a valid ID is home when your groceries arrive.

Beef with: a red, amber or brown ale, stout or lager

If you’re grilling beef, recommends drinking stout; lager; or ale that’s red, amber or brown. One of Coborn’s local groceries Twin Cities options is Third Street Brewhouse Lost Trout Brown Ale—the perfect complement for your steak or burgers.

Seafood with: lager or pilsner

If you’re throwing some seafood on the grill, you have a couple of options. recommends a lager or, if you’re grilling salmon or tuna, a pilsner. Schell’s Pilsner is a European style beer, brewed with barley malt from New Ulm, Minnesota.

Chicken with: fruit beer, wheat beer, bock beer

If you’re grilling chicken that has a citrus or Asian sauce or marinade, wheat beer is a good choice. Coborns offers Hoegaarden Original Wheat Beer from Belgium.

A roast chicken would go well with a fruit beer while jerk chicken and bock beer are a good pairing.

There are many new options and brews, both local and from abroad, when you’re looking to add some pizzazz to your night at the grill. When it comes to grilling and beer the most important factor is your own personal preference—you can always drink your favorite beer and grill a favorite family recipe for certain summertime success! For even more fun with beer, join our beer club and save money!

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