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Fourth of July Cocktails

July 2, 2014

Simple Cocktails for the 4th of July

Whether your 4th of July plans include a pool party, day at the beach, chilling on a pontoon or just relaxing at home, it’s fun to kick back with a cocktail. And when you’re enjoying a day off of work and precious time with family and friends, the less fuss the better. Here are some delicious, simple cocktails you can enjoy this 4th of July.

A red rooster packs some powerful flavor and is a vibrant red – a bright, festive drink for the 4th.

Red Rooster Cocktail

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Red Rooster

1 cup ice cubes

2 oz vodka

4 oz cranberry juice

½ oz orange juice

Place the ice in a tall glass and pour in the vodka. Fill the glass ¾ full with cranberry juice. Top with the orange juice and stir.

A Blue Hawaiian has a pretty, light blue color and is easy to make.

Blue Hawaiian

Blue Hawaiian

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1 ounce Blue Curacao

1 ounce white rum

3 ounces pineapple juice

1 ounce sweetened coconut cream

Shake all of the ingredients with ice in a shaker, then strain it into a glass. Or you can leave the ice in when you pour it into the glass.

Mojitos are light and refreshing on a hot summer’s day. This one is more celebratory with strawberries added. You could also add in some blueberries to ramp up the patriotic colors.

Strawberry Mojitos

Strawberry Mojito

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White sugar (for rimming)

2 large limes, quartered

½ bunch mint leaves

7 strawberries, quartered

1 cup white sugar

1 cup white rum

2 cups club soda

8 cups ice cubes

Pour ¼ to ½ inch of sugar into a small, shallow plate. Run a lime quarter around the rim of each cocktail glass and dip the glasses into the sugar to rim. Set aside.

Into a sturdy pitcher squeeze the limes’ juice, then add the limes, mint, strawberries and 1 cup of sugar. Crush the fruits together to release the juices. Stir in the rum and club soda until the sugar dissolves. Pour into the sugared glasses over ice and serve.

For nondrinkers or the kids, this next mocktail is a fun red and blue nonalcoholic beverage. It can also be a great science project, the different sugar contents are what keep the colors separate!

Patriotic Mocktail

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Patriotic Mocktail

3 oz fruit punch

3 oz blue Gatorade

3 oz diet 7-Up or Sprite Zero (needs to be sugar free so the colors separate)

Fill glass 1/3 full with ice cubes. Pour fruit punch almost (but not quite) to top of ice cubes. Fill another 1/3 with ice cubes and slowly pour blue Gatorade almost to top of cubes. Fill final 1/3 ice cubes and slowly pour sugar-free Sprite. Add straw and voila!

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