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Where Coborn’s Meat Comes From

June 27, 2014

Where Our Beef Comes From

When I was growing up in rural Minnesota, I oftentimes knew, and sometimes had played at, the farms where we bought our meat. Although that’s not the case for me these days, it’s still the case for the team at Coborn’s Delivers.fillet

When it comes to meat, you can definitely include it in the category of local groceries. Twin Cities customers can be confident knowing that the beef is from local farmers and ranchers in the Midwest, including Minnesota and the Dakotas. The beef is certified Hereford Beef, which means that the cattle owners follow rules about what the cattle eat and their humane treatment.

“Certified Hereford beef is bred to be fed,” says Mike Richter, director of meat and seafood at Coborn’s. “It includes all of our beef cuts, including steaks, roasts and ground beef. I like to say it’s from farm to fork!”

Richter chose to offer Hereford beef at Coborn’s because it has consistent quality, flavor and tenderness. Because it’s certified it may be tied back to its particular farm or ranch.

“We also offer ‘Simply Natural’ meat products which have never ever been administered any added hormones or antibiotics,” says Richter.

From prime rib to sirloin, roasts to tenderloins, there are a number of options. What is the meat expert’s specialty?

Hereford Beef

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“I have many favorites, but an item that’s easy to prepare and great on the grill is a fillet,” says Richter. “All you have to do is season it and let the grill do the rest!”

Richter also recommends trying some of the breaded and marinated products that keep the menu interesting. That includes items such as pecan-breaded chicken breasts and garden herb marinated salmon.

When you’re inputting your order for Minnesota groceries, it’s reassuring to know that the meat you buy comes from close by. You’re supporting local farmers, good farming practices and getting delicious, high-quality meat for your family, too.

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