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Summer Treats for Employees

May 28, 2014

5 Summer Treats For Your Employees

When it’s time to reward your employees for a job well done, big project completed, a great quarterly results or another celebration, food is an easy and fun way to say “Thanks!” If you’re sick of pizza and cake and want new ideas for summer, we have 5 great foods that will help you WRAPgive your crew a high five in a fresh way.

When you’re inputting your business grocery delivery, Twin Cities options include lunches, snacks and treats—here are our top five picks.

Summer Lunch

  • Wraps

Coborn’s has two sandwich wrap party trays that are absolutely delicious and will please a variety of taste buds. Each serves six to 12 people. The coastal wrap sandwich tray has two each of Manhattan, Southwestern, and Veggie wraps, while the continental wrap includes California, Chicken Cranberry, and Buffalo Chicken wraps. Have some chips and dip on the side and include some beverages in your order to complete the meal.

  • Subs

The sub sandwich tray feeds five to 10 people with two Hollywood ham and Swiss subs, two Southwestern style turkey subs and one “black and blue” sub (roast beef and crumbled blue cheese). Each is made on a fresh 6-inch steak roll and sliced in half. I recommend ordering Holy Land pita chips and hummus on the side—a local favorite.APPLEROMAIN

  • Salad Bar

Your health-conscious employees will appreciate a salad bar lunch. The robust pasta salad comes in an eight-pound serving that feeds 25 people while an apple romaine salad feeds eight to 10. A number of other salads come in one-pound containers as well. Serve these with a fresh fruit tray for happy and healthy employees.


  • Little Bites

Pinwheel slices of wraps are delicious and have more substance. Fresh veggies and dip, chips and salsa, and fruit slices are all good, healthy perfect-for-summer snacks for your amazing employees.

Summer Treats

  • Ice Cream Sundae Bar.

In the summer, who doesn’t like a cool treat? Include some ice cream options in your grocery delivery, such as Kemp’s ice cream with some fixings. You could also serve up individual portions with Mixmi’s frozen yogurt, ready-to-go in six-ounce containers.

When you want to thank your employees this summer, try a fresh way to show your appreciation. From delicious wraps to ice cream treats, your employees will appreciate that you put some effort into giving them a delicious and fun reward.

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