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Why Have Groceries Delivered

February 10, 2014

Between kids’ activities, work, laundry, volunteering and about 100 other weekly to-dos, oftentimes there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Saving time is just one of the many reasons why having your groceries delivered is a great idea. Being able to shop while eating lunch, from the comfort of your couch, or whenever and wherever you choose is incredibly convenient. But there are a plethora of reasons to have your Minnesota groceries delivered, including saving money and eating more healthfully.

  • Better Planning. It’s incredibly annoying to get home from your shopping outing, only to realize that you forgot to buy a key ingredient for that night’s meal.  Or you go to put away an item and realize you already have two in your cupboard. Grrr … it really is annoying! Ordering your groceries online makes those irritations much less likely to happen. You have your menus and recipes at hand and can take a few steps to the pantry to see what ingredients you already have before you buy. Ordering online helps you stay more organized and intentional with your purchases.
  • No Kid Factor. If you grocery shop with your kids, you know that they’ll inevitably ask for treats, snacks and other items that are not on your list. Toddlers might decide to throw a tantrum halfway through your trip. Older kids will start in on the “I’m bored.” When you’re shopping at your computer, this is a nonissue—and less stress in life is something everyone can appreciate.
  • Money Saver. Coborn’s Delivers customer Betsy Lindgren was happily surprised to see the ways in which she saves money by ordering her groceries online and having them delivered. For one, she doesn’t make as many impulse buys (those bakery smells can lure you in). Second, she checks out the weekly specials to take advantage of deals. Third, if she’s gone over her budget she can easily take items out of her virtual cart. “If I’m at a store’s checkout counter and I hear the total and it’s over my budget, I’m not going to start taking things out of my cart,” she explains. “But when it’s my virtual cart it’s easy to take out things I really don’t need, or I know I can wait a week and buy something next week that I don’t need until then.”

Another way to save money while grocery shopping in Minneapolis is to look at the ingredients you already have at home. Plan meals around those items to save money and use up perishable ingredients before they spoil.

  • Healthful Intentions. Lindgren also says she’s better about sticking with a healthy eating plan when she’s ordering online. “Especially with my kids—they’re not there saying they want this thing with artificial sweeteners and ingredients. I get to decide what they’ll have for treats and make healthier choices for my [family.]” People who are on healthy eating plans will find it easier to avoid unhealthy impulse buys that are more likely to happen when cookies and other goodies are in front of them looking tasty.
  • Comfort. In the winter this is a definite bonus. It’s painfully cold outside, and shopping at a physical store means having to bundle up, drive on icy roads to the store, push your cart through the snow and slush and drive home again and unload everything in the cold wind. It’s warm and cozy indoors—being able to shop from the comfort of home is a relief.
  • Ease. It’s so easy to shop from home or the office. On average, it takes a regular repeat customer five minutes or less to complete their grocery order. Coborns rates produce so you know what fruits or vegetables are of the highest quality. There’s no zigzagging back and forth through the store as you realize you’ve forgotten something—an aisle is just a click away. After your totes are delivered, you can call and have them be picked up, or you can wait until your next delivery. “I have a spot to tuck [the totes] away out of sight so they’re not very visible, and they’re not there long, plus they’re stackable,” says Lindgren. “They’re only there until the next delivery or you can call and have them picked up, they’re gone in 24 to 48 hours.”

There are so many reasons to have your groceries delivered, from convenience to saving money. What do you like best about having Coborns deliver your groceries?

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