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A Customer’s Story: The Perks of Grocery Delivery

January 2, 2014

A Customer’s Story Coborns Delivers Grocery Contest

When the arctic wind blasts, we all want to snuggle down and stay warm at home. Going outside to run errands, grocery shop and work on our to-do lists is not even remotely appealing. That’s one great thing about signing up for grocery delivery in Minnesota—the groceries come to your door. No slippery driving. No freezing as you load your car. No fighting a cart through piles of snow. It’s a relief to not have to deal with the hassle and discomfort of fighting the cold—but don’t take our word for it. Our customers, both long-time and new, agree with us. Here’s a letter written by Harold Griffin. We enjoyed it and thought you might, too.

The following is an example of the miseries we can afford to avoid after reaching 90 [years old] …the misery brought on by winter with extreme cold, snow, ice and slush has inspired me to begin something that I think I’m going to really like. Lately I have dreaded going grocery shopping and usually delay going out in the bad weather. I then scrounge through the pantry and freezer for forgotten stuff to eat. On one occasion I nearly opened a can of pet food by mistake because the picture on the label looked so appetizing. Eventually our essential food supplies become very low and the dreaded trek [became] necessary as a new snowstorm with high winds and dropping temperatures was on the way threatening to isolate us.

The adventure begins with getting all bundled up with my long johns on and a heavy coat as Carol wraps a warm scarf around my neck and digs a warm cap with ear flaps and warm mittens from the closet. As I open the garage door, a thin cloud of vapor from the sub-zero air rushes into the kitchen. God, how I hate this cold. The cold steel hinges creak as I open the car door and slide onto the icy cold leather seat. I start the engine and let it warm up a bit before I try to hook up my belt. After fussing around heavy clothing I’m fastened in and good to go. The street is slippery and there is heavy traffic and everyone is in a big hurry. 

Now to find a convenient parking spot. After eyeballing the rows of parked cars I finally spot an old lady loading bags into her trunk in a spot near the store entry. I decide to wait for the spot and I luck out as no one beats me to it. I have to dodge traffic in the parking lot and use caution to avoid slipping on the ice. When getting into the store, I use the sanitizing wipe to rub likely cold germs from the freezing cold cart handle, then begin the long hike down the crowded aisles trying to find what’s on my list. It’s usually impossible to find someone to help. I suspect that they have a purpose in changing the location of stuff. Having given up on some items that I can’t find I try to get into the shortest checkout line but the lady ahead of me has about 100 coupons. I then push the loaded cart through snow, slush and cold to the car. I’m getting better at remembering where I parked by referencing the letter on the store sign from where I parked. After lifting the bags into the car trunk I return the cart to the nearest place provided then slosh back to a cold car and drive home through heavy traffic with everyone still in a big hurry. Next comes unloading and carrying the loot into the kitchen through the garage while tracking snow and slush onto the kitchen floor. This entire exercise takes about one and a half hours and after getting unbundled with Carol’s help I’m ready for a hot chocolate and some rest after warming up by the fire.

Fast forward to the next time I am in need of food and supplies: after having armed myself with all the necessary information about Coborns Delivers groceries I begin the new experience. Seated in a comfortable stuffed chair by a blazing fireplace, hot chocolate in hand I dial the phone and a cheerful grocery clerk takes my order, offering suggestions regarding price and quality of items and telling me about specials and coupons. This takes all of about twenty minutes then back to my hot chocolate and game on TV. Fast forward to the next day; soon my order will arrive and be placed in my kitchen. It just doesn’t get better than that!!! Fast forward again and I now have the groceries where they belong. The delivery guy gave me a 10-minute heads up then brought the stuff in and placed it on my kitchen table and left the water softener salt in the garage. No slipping and falling on the ice, no fender benders and no exhausting experience.

 I hope you are enjoying the winter wherever you might be and do have a

Merry Christmas.

Harold Gifford 

Can’t we all relate to Harold’s experience? No matter our age, grocery shopping in this brutally cold weather is simply not enjoyable. Having your Minnesota groceries delivered to your house—and even into your kitchen—is truly the way to go. Thanks, Harold, for sharing your story. Happy New Year to you!

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