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A Minnesota Thanksgiving

November 7, 2013

Show Your Thanks by Supporting Your Local Farmers and Businesses minnesota

I’m planning my family’s Thanksgiving meal and going over what recipes I want to make and which dishes to delegate to guests. As I plan, I’m thinking about the year that’s passed and the challenges, triumphs, ups and downs that my family and friends experienced. I also think over and talk to my children about our blessings. In our list of things to be grateful for, I always mention how lucky we are to have a safe place to live and good food to eat. We’re grateful to the farmers that grow our food and businesses that make it convenient for us to buy and receive that food. This time of year, what better way to show our thanks than to support our local farmers and businesses?

Coborns makes it easy to do just that. Right on their website’s home page you can see a list titled “Local Favorites.” Click to see fabulous Minnesota groceries that you can incorporate into your holiday meal. Here are a few of the many ways you can combine thanking local businesses and farmers with preparing a wonderful holiday for your family and friends. 

Apple Pie. My mother-in-law is on a quest to find delicious pies for the holidays. This year she’ll have to see if the ready-to-bake apple pie from Key’s Café passes the test.

Coffee. To accompany that apple pie, as well as to counter the effects of overeating and turkey’s infamous tryptophan, you might want to serve coffee. There are a number of local companies with wonderful coffee, including Peace Coffee, Caribou, and Cameron’s.

For non-coffee drinkers, apple cider is a drink that warms you up nicely on a cold November Day. Pepin Heights cider is based out of Lake City, Minnesota.

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