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Tips for Buying Groceries on a Budget

October 22, 2013

Grocery shopping on a budget.

Save money on your groceries.

Save money on your groceries by following these tips.

Groceries can be a source of stress for a tight budget. It’s easy to add impulse buys based on cravings and hunger. Coborn’s Delivers is here to help you keep that budget in check, while feeding your family with healthy, nutritious, and delicious food!

Tips for Buying Groceries on a Budget

Keep your family nourished, while saving money by buying your groceries with Coborn’s Delivers. Online grocery delivery helps you to shop smarter. Stretch your dollars and avoid impulse buys by using organized shopping lists, taking advantage of weekly specials, and purchasing 1-click meals that are under $20. Coborn’s Delivers will help you save money and time with these additional grocery shopping tips:

  • Cut down on the amount of wasted food before you buy new groceries. Leftovers can be easily packed for lunch at the office or school.  Keep them stored toward the front of the fridge so you remember to eat them before they end up in the trash.  Look at what’s in your fridge and cupboards before you shop and build your weekly menu around ingredients that you already have. 
  • See what’s on sale. Most grocery budgets are limited, so we offer great weekly specialsmoney-saving store brands, low delivery fees, and competitive prices on everyday items. Plus, we accept manufacturer’s coupons and shopping our virtual store means avoiding those always-tempting impulse buys.
  • Meatless meals. Have your family try out vegetarian recipes a couple of times a week to save on your grocery bill.  Beans and lentils are often cheaper sources of protein than meat.  You can make lentil soup, black bean quesadillas, veggie lasagna, or a peanut sauce with stir-fried vegetables.
  • Freeze food reserves. Rather than spending money on last-minute take out, it’s cheaper (and usually healthier) to keep staples on hand for the nights when you don’t have a plan for dinner. If you discover a family pack of meat on sale, use part and freeze the rest for later. Keep a supply of frozen vegetables and other ingredients in the freezer. Boil some frozen ravioli, steam some frozen broccoli, cut up some apples, and you’ve got a quick, easy meal.

Shopping for groceries doesn’t have to empty out your wallet. Ready to get started on feeding your family for minimal dollars? Shop now for Home Delivery or Business Delivery.

Shop smarter with Coborn’s Delivers. We’re not your typical grocery store. We’re better. Shop from organized shopping lists, choose produce based on expert ratings, support local growers and suppliers, get recipe ideas, buy meals in 1-Click, and more.