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Gluten Free Bread

July 16, 2013

Our favorite gluten free bread options.

Gluten free bread.

Order gluten free bread through Coborn’s Delivers.

One in 100 people suffer from celiac disease, which is defined as the body’s inability to tolerate gluten. Even more people are sensitive to gluten, leaving sufferers feeling less than great. Who knew a little bread could leave someone feeling achy, tired, and bloated? For those of you who are put in the unique situation of needing a gluten free diet but are devoted carb lovers, there are some ways to get your bread fix. Whether you’re choosing to swear off gluten for weight-loss or dietary restrictions, you don’t need to deprive yourself completely of sandwiches. Huffington Post rated the best gluten free bread options, which can be ordered online through Coborn’s Delivers.

  • Udi’s Whole Grain Bread. In a blind taste test, people found this bread to be airy, fluffy, and very similar to regular bread. Expect a sweet and nutty flavor.
  • Udi’s White Sandwich Bread. Tasters applauded the texture, complimenting the soft similarities to other breads. This choice is the perfect sandwich bread.
  • EnerG White Rice Loaf Bread. Looking for that crumbly goodness a piece of toasted bread gives you? You found a winner in this bread!
  • French Meadow Bakery Sandwich Bread. This local option of French Meadow Bakery leaves you feeling good knowing you’re supporting a Twin Cities company while chomping down on that BLT.
  • French Meadow Multigrain Bread. French Meadow Bakery brings you gluten free options in your favorite flavors. Gluten free doesn’t have to mean boring and tasteless!
  • French Meadow Bakery Cinnamon Raisin Bread. Soft, moist, all natural gluten free cinnamon raison bread. So delicious you won’t miss the wheat!
  • BitterSweet Bakery Original Loaf Bread. BitterSweet Bakery is a totally gluten-free bakery, specializing in fresh baked goods. Their unique bakery offers gluten free and dairy free products. You don’t have to eat grainy, dry and tasteless gluten free food anymore. When you taste these mouthwatering creations you won’t believe that they’re gluten free!
  • Schar’s Classic White Rolls. Have you tried Schar’s Classic White Rolls? These delicious rolls are great for hamburgers, sandwiches or anything else you can think of! They are soft in texture, preservative-free and an excellent source of fiber. They come in a 4-pack vacuum sealed bag eliminating any need to freeze and give you the flexibility to use right out of the package!

Keep your body feeling great while indulging in a slice of morning toast or afternoon peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Gluten free breads are high in fiber, something many of us are lacking. If you are considering a gluten free diet, please consult your doctor first.

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