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Kid-Friendly Cooking Projects

June 4, 2013

Kids in the Kitchen

Kid-friendly cooking projects.

Keep kids entertained with cooking.

School’s out for the summer! Enter the challenge of any parent: keeping kids entertained for three months. Ditch the video games and whip out the aprons! Cooking is a great way to teach children valuable skills while spending time together. Learning has never been so delicious. Trade in the television remote for a spatula with these kid-friendly cooking projects.

Tasks for Tikes

No matter the recipe, here are a few tasks that children ranging in age can contribute to:

  • Gathering ingredients.
  • Adding measured ingredients to the bowl.
  • Stirring ingredients.


Kid-friendly cooking projects.This is one time where kids can be encouraged to play with their food. Let them build their favorite sandwich, from peanut butter and jelly to ham and cheese. Cookie cutters can then be used to create a masterpiece. Cut the sandwich into fun shapes and challenge your child to put all the pieces back together again!

Creamy Apple Bites

Make snacktime anytime with these buttery, flaky, and crunchy bites. Cut apples into thin slices for children. Kids can then put together the parts to make one tasty creation. Cream cheese is spread on RITZ crackers and topped with apple slices. Children will delight in the final step, sprinkling each bite with cinnamon.

Chocolate Dipped Twizzlers

It takes one bag of strawberry Twizzlers, two bags of semisweet chocolate chips, one bag of pretzels, and waxed paper to create this sweet and salty confection. While the melting chocolate should be supervised, leave it to the kids to dunk and roll. The full directions can be found here.

Kid-friendly cooking projectsYogurt-Dipped Banana Pops

The ice cream man has nothing on you. This healthy alternative to ice cream truck treats packs the punch of a Popsicle. Cut peeled bananas in half crosswise and insert a Popsicle stick into the flat end of each banana. Let kids dip in their favorite yogurt flavor and roll the bananas in cereal. Freeze until firm.

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