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City Escape: Cabin Food and Activities

May 30, 2013

CobornsDelivers makes trips to the cabin stress-free.

Getting away to the cabin is a great way to relax your mind, body and spirit. The beauty nature has to offer, the freshness of the outdoor air, and the brilliant sunshine are much more relaxing than the constant noise at home. Leave your work and household problems behind and take to the open road. Cabin or bust!

You can always find an excuse not to make the effort to set aside time for an escape. Don’t let the hassle of grocery shopping for the trip hinder your getaway! CobornsDelivers leaves room for no ifs, ands, or buts. Partner your favorite cabin activities with foods that will make the weekend one to remember!

Campfire Cone
Ice cream cones + mini marshmallows + Peanut butter + chocolate chips + bananas + wrap in tin foil & cook on the grill = ooey goodey goodness

Boating Food

That’s a wrap! When boating, choose filing foods that are easy to carry and store like wraps and sandwiches.

Artichoke Heart Dip

This Easy Eats artichoke heart dip will keep you full and satisfied while winning a round of Rummy!

Getting ready to get out of town can be stressful, there is always so much to do. Nothing is worse than having to stop for groceries when all you want is to be at the cabin relaxing and having fun. Let CobornsDelivers deliver all your fresh groceries on the day you leave and you can even use our insulated totes to keep things cold on the way. (Make sure to bring the totes home for pick-up with your next delivery.) You can even place an order to be delivered for the day you get home.

Shop smarter with Coborn’s Delivers. We’re not your typical grocery store. We’re better. Shop from organized shopping lists, choose produce based on expert ratings, support local growers and suppliers, get recipe ideas, buy meals in 1-Click, and more.