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Graduation Party Tips and Tricks

May 14, 2013

Make your grad’s party an event to remember!

Graduation party food ideas.

Bring the family together for food and fun at a graduation party.

Even though you are celebrating one very special person’s achievement, you’ve got a whole crowd to please when it comes to what’s on the menu.

Where will this party of yours take place? In your home? On your lawn? In your garage? Make sure you have access to electricity to keep hot foods toasty or room enough for chafing dishes heated by sterno, and also methods to keep cold things chilled like shade, ice trays or bowls beneath your salads, and coolers for your beverages.

Now comes the fun part. What to eat? Should you opt for a grab-n-go picnic style menu with cold but crowd-pleasing sandwiches or fun and fresh wrap options, mounds of meat and cheese on platters and chilled salads and fruit? How about hot and savory Sloppy Joes or piled high pulled pork on fresh buns with pasta and potato side options? Or juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside fabulous fried chicken and hot cheesy potatoes? Or a festive twist with a delicious build-your-own taco bar complete with heaping helpings of taco meat and all the traditional taco fixings. makes entertaining effortless. Have your party supplies and groceries delivered right to your door with our one-stop solution.

  • Party Trays
  • Dips & Spread
  • Snacks
  • Grilling Essentials
  • Beer, Wine & Spirits

Item checklist for a Super Sub, Wrap or Sandwich Buffet:

  • two or three sides (cole slaw, macaroni salad, baked beans, pasta salad or potato salad)
  • pickle spears
  • sliced cheese
  • dinner rolls, buns or wraps
  • snack mix or chips and dips
  • deli meats such as ham, turkey, roast beef OR hot options such as Sloppy Joes or pulled pork
  • mustard, mayonnaise, horseradishfresh fruit

Item checklist for a Fried Chicken Buffet:

  • two or three sides (cheesy potatoes, cole slaw, macaroni salad, baked beans, pasta salad or potato salad)
  • dinner rolls
  • hot, crispy chicken (make ahead of time or purchase and keep warm in a chafing dish)

Item checklist for a festive Mexican taco bar:

  • spicy ground beef kept in crock pots
  • cold items (lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, salsa, olives, onions, jalapenos) in bowls floating on ice to keep them cool.
  • Serve hard and soft taco shells or taco chips in a serving bowl or basket.
  • Create “walking tacos” by providing small single-portion bags of corn chips. To make a walking taco, just open the bag of chips, add the meat and the toppings you want.
  • Consider warm sides of refried beans, Mexican rice and nacho sauce.

Here’s some more tips for a perfect party:

  • Don’t forget to stock up on plenty of bottled water.
  • Serve soda from 2-liter bottles instead of individual cans to stretch your dollars.
  • Keep chilled food on ice and warm food in covered and controlled-temperature crock pots or chafing dishes.
  • Focus on 5-7 menu items ONLY. Keep it simple.
  • Have some go-to non-perishable items on hand such as nuts, chips and salsa, crackers and cheese, pizza, candy and cookies if you run out of your main dishes.Find out ahead of time if you have guests coming who have any food allergies or sensitivities.
  • Have plenty of garbage and recycling receptacles.
  • Have lots of disposable containers on hand to send leftovers home with your guests.
  • Food can be left at room temperature for up to three hours, but must be refrigerated soon after that.
  • Instead of serving one large platter that sits out for hours, it’s better to serve a smaller platter that gets refilled or replaced as the platter becomes empty.
  • Serve or freeze leftovers within 48 hours.

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