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Valentine's Day Dinner Date in your Dining Room

February 8, 2013

CobornsDelivers Valentines Dinner at homeAn elegant dinner out with the one you love can be so romantic: white tablecloth, attentive waiter, your favorite wine, candlelight, exquisitely prepared meal.

But really. Let’s be honest–when you factor in the rush to make the reservation, climbing over the snowbank to get to the restaurant’s door, and the unrelenting tick-tick-tick of the babysitter meter that’s running in the back of your mind (“If we get our dessert RIGHT NOW we can still be home by 11, and that’s three and a half hours. .  .Where’s that waiter!”).

Can we offer an alternative? How about almost those same things–white linen, candles, amazing food, and the company of your favorite person in the whole world–at your own table? We know, it can seem like a cop out, but hear us out. Put as much effort into it as your would an actual date: pick a “reservation” time (i.e.–after the kids are in bed), get out your wedding china (you don’t use it nearly enough, you know), turn off your cell phones, make sure you have candles and some nice music ready, and plan a meal that’s simple and special.

For the main entree, treat yourself and your honey to New York strip steaks, on sale at CobornsDelivers. Regularly $9.49, on sale for $6.49, and promo code MMMSTEAK will take an additional $2.00 off the price. $4.49 for New York strip steaks! Here’s a melt-in-your-mouth recipe from Paula Deen that can be done mostly in advance.

Plan for sides that require a minimum of prep time (this is a good time to K.I.S.S — Keep It Simple, Sweetheart), so let CobornsDelivers bring you ready to heat and serve sides like vegetable kebabs or asparagus and New French Bakery dinner rolls.  Don’t forget the wine–maybe a bottle of Cline Cashmere (an elegant blend of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre).

Top off the night with a cup of Bailey’s Irish Coffee (CobornsDelivers can bring wine and spirits right to your door if you’re home to sign for the order), and a slice of Key’s Cafe French Silk pie.

We’re all for a fun night out on the town, but never forget the cozy romance that comes from a relaxed and quiet dinner date around your own dining room table. Happy Valentine’s Day!