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The truth about box wine…you may be surprised

January 10, 2013


Beneath the Cork with Mike
Coborn’s Liquor Division Assistant Manager

My favorite change in the wine industry over the last ten years has been the introduction of premium wine types and brands into the box wine segment. The industry has taken vintage dated wine that would normally retail for $10 or more in a glass bottle and made it more economical by choosing a better form of packaging.  Four 750 ml bottles of wine are in one 3.0 box, the savings of not using the glass alone in this scenario creates a savings of $4 for these 3.0 liters of wine. Additional benefits of less tainted wine and less packaging to protect the glass bottles create even greater savings for the same 3.0 liters of wine.  Customers in turn get a huge benefit from the wine in boxes lasting up to 1 month after they are opened, compared to a cork finished glass bottle, which generally does not last more than 48 hours before quality severely deteriorates.  Finally, these boxes are eco-friendly. They are far less harmful to the environment and require less energy to produce than glass bottles.

Black Box wines may not have been the true innovators of this “new” category of wine, but when they entered the business in 2003 they certainly re-defined the possibilities. Today the industry offers 10 different wines in their lineup all from regions and parts of the world where varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc and others can flourish. Since 2003 they have received more awards for Quality than any other Premium Box Wine brand. They also understand that their wines are frequently enjoyed with meals and are produced with the right amount of acidity to still be varietally correct but pair wonderfully with food.

If you have yet to experience wine in this packaging, I encourage you to give it a try. If you are like me and have a box of Black Box or some other like wine open in your pantry or refrigerator, I commend your choice.

Until next time – Cheers!