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Feeding Your Coffee Addiction

October 16, 2012

America’s addicted to coffee. It’s true. If you’ve ever panicked at the sight of an empty pot on your kitchen counter or rearranged your morning to make time for a Caribou stop, you know that coffee is serious business. Over 50% of Americans drink coffee everyday and of that number, 60% claim to need a cup first thing in the morning to start their day. Add to that the $4 billion dollars worth of coffee imported into our country each year and it comes as no surprise that coffee’s second only to oil as a global commodity.

Americans and our coffee go way back. Historians often point to the Boston Tea Party as our country’s early turning point away from tea and toward coffee—and we’ve never looked back. The US consumers more java than any other nation in the world, but per capita, the Scandinavian countries are way ahead of us. The average Finn/Norwegian/Swede/Dane drinks 3x the coffee as the average American.

We’ve seen plenty of trends come and go. Instant coffee made a big splash when Nescafe hit American shelves in 1939. Starbucks created one of the most ubiquitous international brands out of a shop in Seattle’s Pike Place Market in 1971. And the latte is a uniquely American drink; don’t try ordering it in Italy, or you’ll find yourself drinking a glass of milk (no caffeine kick there!).

What’s new in coffee? Variety, for one; our palates are far more sophisticated than they used to be. The availability of beans grown all around the world has helped people discover new and distinctive flavors. Another big change is in the equipment. Fifty years ago, most homes have a metal percolator on the stove; thirty years ago it was a glass Mr. Coffee on the counter. Now the sleek and futuristic Keurig has changed the industry. Single serve brewing makes personalization part of the morning routine. You like hazelnut, your spouse likes Colombian, your daughter likes hot cider? Keurig K-cups means everyone gets the cup they want. And the real beauty part? K-cups are disposable so there’s no mess.

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