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How to Make Classic Minnesota Dishes

August 28, 2012

Minnesota Classic DishesTraditional Minnesota Recipes

The end of summer in Minnesota can be boiled down to two words: State Fair. State Fair time in Minnesota is a tradition for many families – to celebrate our heritage, our history and of course some great food on a stick! State Fair time also means it’s time to celebrate all things Minnesotan – and that includes some classic dishes.

When you’re grocery shopping in Minnesota or having your groceries delivered in the Twin Cities – pick up a few items to make some of these classic Minnesota meals.

Minnesota Recipes: Tater Tot Hotdish

You can’t talk about Minnesota cuisine and not talk about Tater Tot Hotdish. The best part about hotdish is that it’s just a few ingredients put together in a dish and baked! Dinnertime during the week just got easier! This recipe for Tater Tot Hotdish is a classic – with ground beef, tater tots, condensed soup and canned vegetables.

If you love cooking from scratch you’ll love this recipe for Tater Tot Hot Dish that doesn’t even have tater tots in it! Instead, roasted potatoes, ground turkey, vegetables and delicious homemade sauce come together in a deliciously updated version of this classic Minnesota dish.

Minnesota Recipes: Walleye

When you think about fish in Minnesota, you probably think about walleye. The mild, flaky white fish is fantastic in everything from sandwiches to crispy cakes to just plain fried with some delicious tartar sauce. We love this recipe for fried walleye – which gets a salty, crusty coating from Ritz crackers. It’s the perfect way to serve up one of Minnesota’s finest catches.

Minnesota Recipes: Wild Rice Soup

Once the weather turns colder – a delicious bowl of wild rice soup really hits the spot. Minnesota’s wild rice is some of the best – it’s a great whole grain that has a low-gycemic index and is high in protein. A great wild rice soup is creamy, full of deep flavor and pairs mushrooms and wild rice in a rich dish that’s comfort food at its best. This recipe is simple and flavorful – and the perfect lunch or dinner on a cool fall or cold winter day in Minnesota.

What’s your favorite Minnesota meal?

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