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Recipe Contest Winner – Prince of the Pit 2

June 10, 2012

King of the Grill

King of the Grill Winner

Mikie’s Fillet Mignon Kabobs

The Winner Says:

All the ingredients are fresh, purchased from Coborn’s and it all taste darn good! You’ll never buy kabobs out again. Mignon can be replaced by chicken, pork, fish or a more suitable meat.


3 Lbs. Beef Tenderloin Cubed to Desired Size

1 Fresh Pineapple Sliced or Cubed to Desired Size & Marinaded 1 Hour in Balsamic Vinegar

1 Red Bell Pepper, Seeded & Cut to Kabob Size

1 Orange Bell Pepper, Seeded & Cut to Kabob Size

1 Lb. Fresh Button Mushrooms (Large), Halved or Left Whole

1 Red Onion, Cut to Kabob Size

1/4 Lb. Thick cut Bacon, Cut to Kabob Size

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray


Assemble Kabobs by strategically placing: Bell Peppers, Red Onion, Bacon, Fillet Mignon, Mushroom, Pineapple

then repeat changing color of Bell pepper. Once you have assembled all Kabobs place on cookie sheet and spray top side with olive oil, season Top side,

rotate to bottom side and repeat with olive oil spray and seasoning. Place in refrigerator for 1 hours to activate seasonings then grill 50 minutes rotating through all sides and/or

until done to your desired wellness. Once done platter and spread “Krauter Butter” to desired taste. Finally, plate & enjoy!

Bonus Recipe: Mikie’s Salt & Spice:

1/4 Cup Kosher Salt

2 Tbsp Season Pepper Blend

1 Tbsp Garlic Salt

1 Tbsp Onion Powder

1/2 Tsp Celery Seed (Grind in Spice Grinder for 10 Seconds)

1 Tbsp Accent Flavor Enhancer

Mix all and place in shaker or suitable container

Approximately 2.5 oz. Shaker Size

Bonus Recipe: Mikie’s TOP SECRET Krauter Butter

1 Lb. (4 Sticks) Salted Butter at Room Temperature

6 tsp Parsley, Finely Chopped

6 tsp Chives chopped

2 1/2 tsp Garlic Powder

2 1/2 tsp Onion Powder

2 1/2 tsp Morton Kosher Salt course

1 tsp Accent (Optional) Note: Enhances the flavor more

Dash of Nutmeg

Place all dry ingredients in a season grinder (or Coffee Bean Grinder) and blend for 15 – 20 seconds (optional, but highly recommended). Combine all dry ingredients with the room temperature butter and mix well. The best way to store it is in the refrigerator in a Tupperware dish or make a log form with saran wrap. There will be extra after this Kabob experience but store in fridge for the next time. Krauter Butter is great on grilled steak, chicken, pork or fish.

It’s more than just bragging rights! The winner took home these great prizes:

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