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Grocery Shopping in the Airport? Why Not?

June 15, 2009

Like most busy moms, multi-tasking is just part of my everyday routine, and last Tuesday was no different!  I was on a business trip to Denver when I found myself in complete frustration because my plane was experiencing the dreaded “mechanical difficulties.”  Knowing I now had an unscheduled 4-hour block of time, I immediately logged onto my computer and took advantage of the wireless network at the Denver International Airport.

In the midst of returning emails and phone calls, I realized that this unforeseen delay was going to mean that dinner was going to be up to my husband.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great guy and fixes stuff around the house, but aside from the grill he can make three things: grilled cheese, scrambled eggs and an omelet.  So, on short notice, rather than consulting the The Joy of Cooking cookbook, he typically loads the kids in the car and hits the local burger joint.

Knowing all that, when I leave on trips (usually once a month), I try to make sure that there will be a warm dinner on the table in lieu of a “night on the town”.  In this particular instance, my delay was unexpected and as I quickly did a mental inventory of what he could do in a pinch, the realization quickly hit me that Mother Hubbard left the cupboards pretty bare.  A night out was totally legit!

With plenty of time to fill before my departure, I decided to at least address the long range meal planning dilemma from my computer in Denver!  I logged on to and began shopping.  How thrilled was I to use my “spare time” so constructively!

I finally boarded my plane 4 hours to the minute of the delay, which was none too soon in my book. Best of all, I had a sense of accomplishment that another work day was almost coming to an end, my grocery shopping was finished and there were four big, warm hugs waiting for me on the other end of the flight.